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Connect your own GLS contract
Connect your own GLS contract
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Step 1: Contact your GLS sales representative

Once you have registered with Crowdsender, you will need to contact your GLS sales representative to activate your API credentials.

Most of the time the sales representative will send you test credentials so that you can generate a test label and send it to them before giving you the production credentials.

Whether you have the test or production credentials, you can continue with the following steps.

Step 2: Add your Api credentials

Log in to your Crowdsender account and go to Settings > Integrations > Couriers. Look for the GLS logo in the list of available couriers.

When you click on "Enable own contract" you will get a window asking you what kind of credentials you have:

  • Test credentials: If you click on the button "Test credentials" you will get a form where you can add the data that the commercial has given you. We will send you back a test label that you can send to the sales representative. If everything is correct, the representative will send you the production credentials.

  • Prod. credentials: If you click on the "Prod. credentials" button you will be able to enter the real data and credentials of your contract.

    You will need the following data:

    • Origin country: From which country are orders shipped.

    • Username

    • Password

    • Client ID

    • Contact ID

    • Return Address: Address you have defined if an order cannot be delivered and the courier has to return it to the sender.

    As optional data you can add:

    • Express parcel guaranteed: Urgent shipments in less than 24 hours. If you have this service contract you must activate it in Crowdsender.

    • Flex delivery: Delivery service whereby the recipient can choose or change the day and address of delivery of the shipment. If you have this service contract you must activate it in Crowdsender.

    • Nickname: Customize the name under which you want your contract to be displayed on the platform.

    • Contract valid until: Tell us when this contract will expire and we will give you one month's notice so that you can request a contract extension from your courier.

    📔 Note: If you change the identifiers and/or access codes for your GLS space, it is necessary to update them in your Crowdsender account as well in order to maintain the connection between your contract with the courier and your Crowdsender platform.

Step 3: Create your first labels

Congratulations! You have now successfully connected your GLS contract to your account.

You can now go to Orders and start processing orders with this contract.

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