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Getting started to connect via API
Getting started to connect via API

Basic information to start connecting your business with crowdsender via API

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Before you can begin interacting with our API, you first need to create a Crowsender account and complete basic account setup.

For more details follow the steps describe in Getting started article to set up your account and get your api keys.

  1. Get your account

    You can create a free Crowdsender account here.

  2. Add your couriers contracts

    You need to have at least one courier contract, you can add it from here. More info about courier integrations.

  3. Create an API key

    1. Crowsender API use API keys for authorization. An API key is a token that a client provides when making API calls. The key should be sent as a request header called x-api-key:

      GET /something HTTP/1.1 Cookie: X-API-KEY=abcdef12345

      To get an API key follow the next steps:

      1. Add new API Key going to Integrations > Api & Webhooks > API and click on API and then on Add new api token.

      2. Fill the description to identify your differents tokens and select the correct permission for the token and click in Generate api token button.

      3. Copy and store your new api token in a save place, you won't see it later.

      4. If you lose the token you will need to create a new one clicking on Regenerate button in action menu.

  4. Integrate your e-commerce via API

    The customer->Crowdsender communication will always be via API. You can use our API to create orders, generate labels or retrieve all documents of an order. For more details you can check our API Reference.

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