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Connect your Shopify orders
Connect your Shopify orders

Integrate your store with Crowdsender in less than 5 minutes, no technical development skills required!

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In this article we will see:

Steps to Shopify integration

Step 1: To get started, visit the Crowdsender sheet in the Shopify App Store and click "Add app".

Step 2: Log in to your Shopify account.

If you have multiple stores on the same account, you will see a pop-up message to select one of them.

📔 Note: If you want to manage more stores from the same account, you can add them at the end of the registration process.

Step 3: You will be redirected to the Shopify installation page. Click "Install app".

Step 4: Shopify will redirect you to Crowdsender and your store will sync automatically! If you are not logged in or not registered, we will ask you for some additional information.

📔 Note: You can edit or delete your shop under Settings > Integrations > Stores > My connections.

Data required to generate a Crowdsender order

These are the necessary details that need to be filled in for an order to be displayed on Crowdsender:

  • Order number (Provided by Shopify)

  • Name (Destination address)

  • Surname (Destination address)

  • Street (Destination address)

  • Street number (Destination address)

  • Apartment, local, etc. (Destination address)

  • Zip/Postal code (Destination address)

  • City (Destination address)

  • State/Province (Destination address)

  • Country (Destination address)

  • Phone Number (Destination address)

📔 Note: Remember that before you start sending orders you need to add a courier contract to your account and fill in at least one pick up and one return address.

Additional options

Custom fields

Do you have meta fields in your orders that you want to send to Crowdsender? We show you how to do it!

Points to note:

  • We only accept fields at order level.

  • The maximum number of fields allowed is 6.

  • The field is sent as plain text.

  • The field must be previously created in Shopify before syncing with Crowdsender.

Step 1: Create a custom field in Crowdsender.

Go to Settings > Account > Company > Custom fields. Activate an order custom field. In the "Order Custom field" field, type the name you want the field to be displayed in Crowdsender.

Step 2: Copy the key Name from Shopify

Go to Shopify > Custom Data > Orders. Select the field you want to send. Copy the Key Name of the field.

Step 3: Add the key name in Crowdsender.

Go to Settings > Integrations > Stores > My connections. Select the shop that has the metadata. Edit the store

Add the Key Name in the Shopify Custom data field you created in step 2 without "custom.".

Step 4: Synchronisation done!

You can now view and filter the data in the Orders and Track & Trace table.

📔 Note: The import of orders starts at the moment of synchronisation. Orders generated before synchronisation will not appear with custom fields.

Notify Shopify of fulfilled orders

By default, all orders processed by Crowdsender send a notice to the store to mark the order as fulfilled.

But if you don't want to receive these notifications, you can deactivate it in Settings > Integrations > Stores > My connections. Select the sotre you want to change and click Edit store. Uncheck the checkbox with the text "Sync tracking data and mark orders as fulfilled in Shopify".

Import only paid orders

Do you want to import all orders, regardless of their payment status? With Crowdsender, it's possible!

In Settings > Integrations > Stores > My connections. Select the shop you want to change and click Edit store. Uncheck the checkbox with the text "Import to Crowdsender only paid orders.

Refresh permissions

If you have changes to your Shopify store and you don't see the data in Crowdsender updated correctly, you can always refresh the permissions of the integration in Settings > Integrations > Stores > My connections. Select the store you want to update and click refresh permissions.

Apply Shopify shipping method

If you allow the customer to choose which shipping method they want for their orders you must add these rules to Crowdsender.

Go to Settings > Account > Rules > Shipping rules > Add new shipping rule. In select a condition add "Checkout Shipping method" and add the text that appears in "Rate name" in your Shopify > Shipping and delivery > Custom shipping rates > Shipping zones. In the action select which courier has to use this condition and every time an order arrives with this shipping method it will automatically assign a specific courier.

Add multiple Shopify stores to the same account

Crowdsender allows you to add as many points of sale as you have at no extra cost. Go to Settings > Integrations > Stores > Add new store. And repeat the process as many stores as you have.

📔 Note: If you have multiple Shopify store in the same Crowdsender account, you must add a different alias to each account in the order numbers to distinguish them within Crowdsender. It is possible that information about your orders may be lost if the order numbers are the same in both stores.

To create an alias on your order number go to Shopify > Settings > Store Details > Order ID.

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