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How documents work
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You have already generated some labels or searching for a certain one?

This sections is divided in two tabs: Unique documents | Grouped documents. Depending on how you created your labels “How to create my first label” you find the documents in the correct tab.

📔 Note: The order display limit on a Crowdsender account, for performance reasons, is up to 100,000.

Unique documents

In this section the documents are grouped by order number. All related documents for an order are summed up here.

Search for a certain order and get known which documents have already been generated.

Grouped documents

In this section the documents are grouped by courier contract (Nickname of your contract) if you grouped by “Unique PDF” or by your customized fields if you grouped by “Custom PDF”.

To visualize the documents you have the option to “View document” and it will be opened in a new tab of your browser or to download them directly.

📔 Note: To get a better overview you can contract the documents. Per default they are expanded.

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