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Customise your shipment tracking page
Customise your shipment tracking page
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In this article we will see:

What is a tracking page?

A tracking page allows the customer to track and trace their package in real time from the time the purchase is confirmed by the warehouse until the delivery of the order by the courier.

This page has information of interest to the customer, such as a timeline of the order status, the shipping courier, the products inside the box, the tracking number, the order number, the delivery address and the estimated delivery date.

📔 Note: Shipment tracking is done per package and not per order. If a customer has several packages in the same order, several tracking pages with different tracking numbers generated by the carrier will be activated.

Timeline statuses

The statuses show the different phases an order goes through and are reflected in the order tracking timeline:



Order confirmation

The shipment has been confirmed by the seller and is pending preparation.


The shipment is in the process of preparation as the warehouse has just generated the label.


The order has been marked as completed by the warehouse or the courier already has it in his hands.

Out for delivery

The courier notifies that the box is in the process of being delivered.


The courier notifies that he has delivered the box at destination.

Possible delay

The courier notifies that the box may be delayed in delivery.

Delivery incident

The courier notifies that the box has had some kind of incident (Destroyed, Lost, Returned or Demaged) and cannot be delivered.

Delivered to collection point

The order has been delivered to a collection point as it could not be delivered to the defined delivery destination due to several reasons: There was no one there to receive it, the address could not be found or the courier could not deliver to the destination.


The shipment has been cancelled by the seller or the end customer before it left the warehouse.


The shipment could not be delivered and is returning to the seller's warehouse.

From where you can access the tracking page

There are several options:

  • Shipment portal Each Crowdsender account has a public portal where you can link it to your ecommerce or marketplace so your customers can search for their orders, just provide their package tracking number and the zip code of their delivery address.

    The link to this portal can be found at Crowdsender >Tracking page > Shipment Tracking Portal.

  • Track & Trace: At the three dots of action of a package on the Track & Trace page you have a link to the tracking page.

  • Order detail: In the three dots of each box within the detail of an order, there is a link to each tracking page.

  • API: We allow the connection via API in order to provide these links in more personalized areas of each ecommerce or marketplace (customer's private area, emails...).

📔 Note: The tracking page link is public, so that anyone can see the status of the order and share it. This helps support teams to provide the link in case the customer claims it or the customer shares it with others. The link can be shared with the "Share" button in the top right corner of the tracking page.

Types of experience

Crowdsender offers two types of template for the tracking page:

  • Basic experience: We display the box tracking with default layouts in each shipment state. It is not editable.

  • Custom experience: You can create your own design by adding text, images, links, fonts and colours.

📔 Note: Curious to see what the page will look like for your customers? Use the preview! Click on the "preview" button below the template selector. This will display a live preview of how your page and shipping portal will look.

We also allow you to customise the tracking page with your logo, brand colours and enable or disable whether you want customers to see the products in the box.

Default layouts

These are the default designs that we show to your customers if you select the basic experience option:

  • Order confirmation

  • Preparing

  • Shipped

  • Out for delivery

  • Delivered

  • Possible delay

  • Delivery incident

  • Collection point

  • Cancelled

  • Returned

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