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Notify your customers of the status of their orders
Notify your customers of the status of their orders
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Keep your customers informed about the status of their orders by sending proactive and personalised notifications that generate extra revenue for your store.

In this article we will see:

How to activate and personalise communications

Go to Settings > Account > Notifications.

Here you can manage all the communications your customer receives from both the carrier and Crowdsender when making a purchase.

This page is divided into two sections:

  • Courier communications: Many of them inform the customer about the status of his order. Depending on the contract, they may report different events and use different means (SMS, email or WhatsApp). In this article, you can see what each courier notifies you and decide whether to deactivate or activate notifications depending on your interests. For example, if the notifications from the courier you use are unprofessional, you can deactivate them.

    📔 Note: If you cannot deactivate a courier, it is because some companies do not allow you to deactivate communications with the customer.

  • Crowdsender communication: You can add your own communications with your logo and customised text on the status of orders, even before they leave the warehouse. You can also enable the option for customers to see the orders they have placed in the emails they receive, so they know what they are going to receive in the next few days.

A good practice is to disable courier communications and instead use Crowdsender communications to control the experience offered to customers.

To do this, you must click on "Allow Crowdsender to send tracking notifications to customer" to activate all Crowdsender communications. You can then deselect the communications you are not interested in.

You can also add a reply email to receive all emails your customers write in response to automated communications. If you do not fill in this field, customers will not be able to reply and will be informed in the email header.

By clicking on "Actions" of any communication, you can edit the templates by language. This includes the subject, title and text of the message.

Dynamic labels are codes that you can add to your emails to further personalise your communications. Crowdsender detects these codes and replaces them with customer data. Ex: Order number, customer name…

By default, when you activate Crowdsender communications, a standard template is applied to each email in 5 languages (English, Spanish, Italian, German and French). You can use these templates or create your own. The language the customer receives depends on the destination country of the order.

📔 Note: This 5 language template applies even if you only have an English preview. As soon as you customise the template or add a new language, this template will be deactivated and only the texts you have configured will be applied.

If the previewer is not enough for you to properly analyse these messages, you can send yourself test emails by clicking on "Send test".

📔 Note: Customers can also unsubscribe from your transactional emails in the footer of each communication. We will automatically stop sending them notifications of their order status.

Reengagement, what is it for?

All Crowdsender emails have a section at the bottom where you can include any topic of interest to the brand. For example, in the order preparation emails you can add cross-selling products to encourage purchase, introduce a new product when we announce that the order has left the warehouse or link to a questionnaire in the delivered order email.

This type of email has a high open rate and is a good time to capture the attention of your customers.

To create a re-engagement you have to go to Settings > Account > Notifications > Action > Re-engagement.

Here you can add a title with two modules of image, text and button.

📔 Note: Activate only the modules you need. You don't have to worry about adjusting the content, we do it for you. For example, if you don't add an image in a module, we will adjust the text to the size of the container.

Types of communications

Crowdsender has 7 communications:

  • New arrival date: Manual notification to the customer that you can send from various tabs on the order page informing of a delay in shipment.

  • Shipped: Automatic notification to the customer when the order is marked as ready or the courier notifies that they has it.

  • Out for delivery: Automatic notification to the customer when the courier has the order in the process of delivery.

  • Delay: Automatic notification to the customer when the courier notifies us that the order may be delayed in delivery.

  • Delivery incident: Automatic notification to the customer when the courier notifies us that the order has suffered some kind of incident and cannot be delivered.

  • Delivered: Automatic notification to the customer when the courier notifies us that the order has been delivered at destination.

  • Collection point: Automatic notification to the customer when the courier notifies us that the order could not be delivered and has been left at a collection point.

Mute couriers or countries

All notifications can be filtered by courier. For example, if courier A has a communication with your customer with several excellent order statuses and courier B only notifies that an order has been delivered, you can filter courier A in your Crowdsender emails and it will only be affected on carrier B orders.

To do this, you must go into each of the communications and select which couriers are affected by that communication. You can see this article to find out which communications each carrier makes.

You can also choose which countries can see your reengagement module. For example, you can promote a product in the reengagement module only in the countries you send to.

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