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How to add users
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One of the most differentiating points of Crowdsender is the ability to create environments for each user in your account. You can add your entire team with different permissions and only allow them to view orders from a specific seller or warehouse.

Step 1: Go to Account > Users > Add teammates.

Step 2: The first thing you have to add is the email address of the partner you want to invite and we will send the invitation in order to finish the process.

Step 3: Add the permission you want your teammate to have.





User who registers and activates their Crowdsender account. This role has all functionalities available. Has permission to add contracts, add shipping rules or upgrade the plan.

Heads and C-Level of operations


Warehouse manager with the ability to generate labels, edit order or process incidents.

Operations employee

Warehouse/ Seller

Warehouse staff whose job is to prepare packages for the courier to pick. Has only permission to view order data, add custom tags and comment an order.

Warehouse employee



Warehouse/ Seller


View profile

Edit profile

View Documents

Edit Documents

View Orders

Edit Orders

Address Validation

View Client Account

Edit Client Account

View Clients Integrations

Edit Clients Integrations

Step 4: Which sellers do you want your teammate to see? (Only available if you have configured your account as a marketplace.

You can select all sellers or decide which onces should be seen by your teammate.

📔 Note: These sellers are created by default from the data that is sent in the order form.

If the seller you are looking for is not yet listed, you can add it by clicking on the button at the end of this list.

📔 Note: It is important that you enter the exact name that is received from the order. Be careful with the spacing and formatting of the data. If this data is not exactly the same as the one we receive from the order, the user will not see the order.

Step 5: Ready to send the invitation!

Once you have filled in all the data, the send invitation button will be activated.

We will automatically send an email to your teammate to complete the registration.

Your teammate will only have to fill in: Name, surname, telephone number (optional) and password. Once you have completed these details you will be fully functional on the platform.

📔 Note: You will be able to track invitations, know which roles and sellers each one has, edit access, pause users or resend invitations from the Account > Users table.

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