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Tips for using the platform
Tips for using the platform
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You want to become a real Crowdsender expert?

Here are some small tips that can make your day-to-day work on the platform easier.

Column Settings

Create in each tab per sesion a comfortable view. Disable columns which aren’t relevant for you at the moment of working and avoid the horizontal scrolling.

Get more info without clicking by our tooltips

  • Courier

  • Status of the box

  • Action

  • Plan

Avoid delivery incidents by accepting proposed and reviewing unverified addresses

If you have the setting address validation activated we check each address. If we can propose an address we give you the option to accept it.

If we are not able to verify the address we recommend you to check addresses with the status unverified.

Error correction

If the transport provider isn’t able to generate a shipment label and you have to edit the order, don’t forget to click on “Try again” after you did the error correction.


Take the advantage of personalized tags to organize your orders and find them quickly.

Search for an order

You need to get the details of a specific order and don’t know where to find it?

The tab “All” allows you to find any orders independently from its order status.

📔 Note: The order display limit on a Crowdsender account, for performance reasons, is up to 100,000.

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