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Guide to the rules in Crowdsender
Guide to the rules in Crowdsender
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What are rules?

Rules allow you to organize the assignment of courier contracts or pick-up depots to your orders according to the conditions you set.

📔 Note: These rules only apply when creating the order (not retroactive) and will only apply if the shop does not assign the courier that has to process the order or the sender from where it is sent.

How to create a rule

Step 1: To add a rule you have to configure it in Account > Rules.

We have two tabs where you can add the rules you want:

  • Shipping rules: To assign the most suitable courier .E.g. If an order is going to Germany and weighs 10kg send it with DHL Paket.

  • Pickup Rules: To assign the correct pick up warehouse. E.g. If an order has SKU CF595342V send it from the warehouse in Calle Isidoro de Sevilla, Madrid.

Strep 2: Add rule

At the bottom of the table you will find the add rule button and you will only have to fill in 3 fields:

1º field - First, you will need to name the rule you are creating.

2º field - Secondly, you have to add the condition you want the order to fulfill in order for the rule to apply. These are the conditions that are available to you:



Permitted conditions

Origin Country

Country of departure of the order

Single select

Destination Country

Country of destination of the order

Single select

Product Name

The name of an item in the order

Open text field

Product category

The product category in the order

Open text field


The reference code of an item in the order

Open text field

Weekday of send date

Day of the week on which the delivery person is expected to be dispatched

Single select

Send date

Date on which it is expected to be sent to the delivery person

Date selection (Only one field needs to be filled in: From or To)


The weight of the entire shipment

Number field (Only one field needs to be filled in: From or To) The unit of weight is defined in Account > Company

📔 Note: You can combine a set of conditions by clicking on the add condition button.

3º field - Add an action. Depending on the conditions you have previously configured what action you want it to perform.

Permitted Actions:

  • Shipping rule tab

    Send with: Which courier you want to ship with. This field will display a dropdown with all the contracts that you have added to courier contracts and are not paused so you can select one of them.

  • Pickup rule tab
    Send from: Which warehouse you want the parcel to be shipped from. This field will display a dropdown with all your pick-up addresses you have in the Addresses section.

Step 3: Ready to automate this rule!

Once you have filled in all the data, the create new rule button will be activated.

Rules table

In the rules table you can modify them as you wish:

  • Edit: Redirects you to the creation page to edit an existing rule

  • Delete: Deletes the rule and reorganizes priorities (if needed)

  • Pause a rule: If you want to pause any rule temporarily, you can deactivate the rule without having to delete it

  • Shipping rules are matched by its priority to the order. The first match is assigned.

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